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 :  金屬刻字 Metal Engraving
 :  木竹雕刻 Wood & Bamboo
 :  玻璃水晶及酒瓶雕刻 Glass & Crystal
 :  膠及皮類 Plastic & Leather



荃灣鐳射雕刻加工 - 鐳射雕刻激光刻字專業圖案雕刻 



費用計算 : 視製作數量、呎吋大小,製作技巧要求 而定價,歡迎客戶垂詢報價。

A Hong Kong-based company that never outsources. With over 10 year’s experience, our workshop is located in Tsuen Wan with self-machines and conscientious technicians. We accept urgent orders for special cases and provide reliable and flexible service on designated projects. Available to arrange courier/van delivery service for on-location address delivery.

We provide tailor-made aluminum plaques with engraving service. Also, we are able to prepare Design layouts and Logo recreating services.

The charge depends on Size, Quantity, and Any special design request.

簡易報價 Easy way to quote:

物件外觀及雕刻呎吋對製作報價是重要資,請客人提供:The correct information about your product is the key to an accurate quotation. Please let us know:

  • 產品相片 Product shot with where to engrave    
  • 簡略需製作內容 Content to engrave on
  • 製作數量 Quantity

發送到 Via: Whatsapp 9673 9738   / Emailhktwlaser@gmail.com


歡迎隨時來電3578 1535垂詢 或 電郵hktwlaser@gmail.com索取報價單。

Business collaboration:

Outdoor machine rental services, long-term or short-term engraving cooperation. 

Please free feel to call us at 3578 1535 / Emailhktwlaser@gmail.com

* 客戶提供內容只作報價用途 All information is for quotation purposes only.


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Expertise in Engraving: Crystal & Trophies Engraving Red Wine, Champagne Whisky Wine glass engraving. Pepsi & Coca-Cola Name Print.